14 July 2013


My heart is aching and there is nothing I can do.

A few years ago, a couple I knew through the medieval group we belong to moved to town. I didn't know them well, but I kept bumping into the wife while out shopping, and eventually we became facebook friends. And then slightly more - we would chat regularly on facebook, even though we had that curious friendship where we never got together. Good intentions to get together so often, and we just never did. It was the same with her husband, we always meant to get our families together, and it never quite happened.

As luck would have it, just after Christmas I was able to visit them, and we enjoyed ourselves, and promised one another we would do it again soon. The husband had so much in common with Manthing, and the wife had also recently discovered she was pregnant again. There was a more common tie.

Her pregnancy immediately was difficult. She was unwell, the baby was unwell. More and more things went wrong, and soon she was off to Vancouver, where she would get the intense medical attention they both needed. I felt helpless to help. My own pregnancy has not been wonderful, but what I have gone through pales in comparison to what their family was enduring.

I received news last night that she and the baby have passed. My heart is just sick. They were that beautiful couple who is affectionate in public, and called each other 'lover' and 'angel'. They were so devoted to one another, and their devotion filled their family - their children are clearly well loved and sweet little babes. Why would something like this happen to them.

She was so young - the same age as me. She had so much more life to live. She had 4 children who still needed their mother. I feel helpless and sad and heartbroken. My friend has lost the love of his life. His children have lost their mother. They've all lost a son and brother in this wee babe that they were fighting so hard to save.

On days like these, I question the entire world. And I pray for my friend, and his children, and their whole family, that somehow they will find peace, and comfort and make it through.

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