27 June 2013

Time flies when you're having fun?

I wouldn't exactly call the last 4 months fun, but time has definitely flown. Let's see... where were we? Discussing the potential for renovations, right?

Well, the bedroom is built and Girlchild is moved in down there. The ceiling still needs to be painted, she has no baseboard, and her electrical is not completely connected, but she loves her new room. The really important stuff that needs to be done is the electrical so she has more than one outlet down there. There's also a partially completed closet that needs to become fully completed, and a bathroom that needs to become more than a hole in my foundation.

But it's a work in progress. We took a break from finishing the basement bathroom to deal with the death trap that was our sundeck, and spent some money there. Deck isn't totally finished yet either. Manthing is very good at starting and getting things 90% done and then getting busy with something else. So I'm going to have to coral him in pretty quick because the deck HAS to be finished before the baby arrives. I really don't want to deal with sawing noise outside the baby window.

Despite being distracted easily by other important projects, we have both accomplished lots in the last few months. The baby's room is and has been ready for move in since the beginning of June, some garden has been planted, the lawns are being mowed regularly - and most of this has fallen to Manthing because I have not been well.

Sure, this pregnancy started out so much better than Girlchild's. It started to go downhill about 2 months ago, when I sprained my back, which landed me in LDR for monitoring. A few weeks later, I was having a weird pain in my side that was diagnosed as 'so common in pregnancy' round ligament pain, but I wound up back in the LDR because the pain was causing a hypertonic uterus, so I was back on the monitor for a couple hours before being cut loose. Most recently, I've been diagnosed with 'a big pile' of gallstones, again requiring a trip to the LDR for monitoring. That visit was notable in that it was my very first personal experience with morphine. Kind of a let down, to be honest as all it did was make me sleepy.

The last 2 weeks have been spent juggling some very restricting dietary needs - ultra low carbs for the gestational diabetes, and no fat for the gallbladder. I spent the first 3 days absolutely starving and cranky and craving all the bad things. But thanks to my mum and something she saw on food network, I had a chicken breast that changed my outlook completely. I've been managing to be far less cranky about food since.

June has been beautiful here, which is both a blessing and a curse. I want to bask in the sun (while comfortably covered and slathered in SPF9000) but being 35 weeks pregnant, I am feeling the heat worse than I usually do. And as a ginger, I feel the heat. Still, the weather is gorgeous, and Girlchild has a tanline where her glasses are, so at least someone is enjoying the weather.

Today is the last day of grade one for my baby girl. She's had the same teacher for 2 years, so I know today will be bittersweet for her. Yesterday I got all domestic, and raided my quilting fabric stash and made bags for the 2 teachers that have been working with her, while she and her dad made a pinterest inspired cookie gift.

I made this bag with no pattern! Fully lined! AND her teacher LOVED it.

We totally stole this idea from Pinterest. I made our own label though.
Here's a hint that maybe I am more domesticated than most people realize. We couldn't find a stapler last night to attach the labels to the cookies. So I ran them through the sewing machine.

I'm pretty proud of the way our gifts turned out. So now we just sit back and wait for Tadpole Jones to make his appearance. I may have a little time to blog even.

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