11 February 2013


The winter is dragging on here, and I have been juggling a million things. I'm hoping soon that I'll be able to come up for air, but that might not be for a while.

I'm taking a course in adult education. I'm having a really hard time getting into it. Seriously, it's killing me. I have 1 assignment done, and 4 more to go, and have to be done by the end of March. Yikes.

Also, my hobby life has picked up an epic amount of speed. I have a scroll to finish, a veil to finish, some clothing to make, and donations to create/collect, etc, etc, etc.

Oh, and we were considering buying a new house because ours only has 2 bedrooms upstairs. But I love this house. I have plans for this house. So after a lot of soul searching, I plead my case to Manthing, and we decided to stay in this house. Manthing tolerates a very pushy somewhat overpowering wife. He makes his opinion known when it really matters to him, but usually he sits back and let's me run the show. It makes for a decent balance of power because he likes taking care of stuff I hate taking care of. So I was working myself up about the house, and he was sitting back thinking he could manage whatever, and I think even though he had little to say about things, he was dreading a move as much as me. Anyhow, now that none of this makes any sense, we decided our house is lovely. We have a huge lot, and a great house with so much potential, and it is our home. So we're going to repurpose the ginormous bedroom in the basement into a smaller bedroom and a bathroom, and move Girlchild down there. Then the baby will be across the hall, the older sibling will have some much needed privacy when she hits puberty, and we get to stay and see all our reno dreams come true in this house. It will be so awesome when it's finished. I have such great plans.

So I've left my job at the college, and gone back to nursing. Within 2 weeks I had a job offer of a permanent part time position, which is exactly what I was looking for! .69, which is just shy of 3/4 of full time hours, and lots of room to pick up extra shifts. I'm thrilled. It was confirmation that I made the right decision.

I'm going to try to be better about keeping this blog, and participating in the blogging world. There's so many incredible ideas from the brilliant minds who keep blogs and they always helped me to find new craft gifts, and save money and learn new things, so I'm really going to work at being better at that - I so enjoyed the blogging community when I was active before, and I think it will help with a little one coming.

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