11 December 2013

Makey-Doey Hexmastide

I'm a crafty bitch. I make few excuses for my language, and I like to make things. I mentioned yesterday that I'm not feeling Christmassy at all yet. Well, a foot of snow has fallen since I last hit 'publish' and I am housebound, by choice. I'm going to have a hot cocoa that is liberally laced with baileys and get my makey-doey on.

First on the list: Butter tarts and Confetti Square. Oh, random American who stumbled across this blog, woe unto you for not having the common and wonderful enjoyment of the butter tart at Christmastime. So delicious. I don't know why they aren't common in the States, because they are awesome. Imagine pecan pie filling, with raisins instead of pecans. In a tart. So amazing. And I don't know if confetti squares are common in the States (or elsewhere. Apparently I have a reader from Indonesia?), but they are peanut butter and mini-marshmallows. NOM.

Anyhow, that's first on the list.

Then comes sewing tonight. I just invoiced a diaper that is needed for next week, and I have another that I'd like to get in the mail by Friday, plus 2 for Tadpole Jones that are started and need completion. And I have an insert sample to make too. And some sandwich bags. So tonight is a makey-doey night of sewing after making some sugary deliciousness to carry me through tonight.

Also in the plans for this week: Footprint art from the kids for the grandparents.


It would be really awesome if I could sleep. Tadpole Jones is sleeping now for 12 hours at night, which is a beautiful and blessed thing. I am lucky if I manage 6 hours. I'm hoping if I wear myself out in the makey-doing, I will sleep like the dead.

In the meantime, enjoy a photo of Girlchild at her Hexmas Concert today. (Which, incidentally, is still called a Christmas concert. Just no traditional Christian carols. All the songs were about Santa and presents. I'd rather have a Holiday concert just for some variety, to be honest.)

Without us, Santa's nothin'!! (Reindeer Rap)

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