10 December 2013

Cue Peanuts

Christmas Time is here. We are under a heavy snowfall advisory for the next two days and supposed to get at least a foot. Which is funny because when I got home last night, I thought to myself 'Self, there sure isn't much snow right now. It's going to be sparse and pathetic Christmas.'

I guess the universe heard me and is now punishing me.

I decided today that I was not going to be an adult. Tadpole Jones got to be a big boy, and wear clothing, but I stalwartly stayed in my pjs all day. When Girlchild got home from school, I forced her to make pretzel turtles. It was not a hardship for her, really. Except the part where I wouldn't let her eat the chocolate covered caramels. While she was busy laying out pretzels and chocolate covered caramels for them, I was combining ingredients mad scientist style for snack mix.

The Hexmas Baking has officially begun. Last year I made a ridiculous amount of stuff. This year I'm going to limit myself to fewer things just so that I will be done by the weekend. Tomorrow is a write off, I have book club and Girlchild's Hexmas concert and potentially taking my Mum Hexmas shopping, although she's suggested that Friday may work better.

So maybe tomorrow night we'll actually decorate the tree, which has been up since Sunday and has 3 decorations on it.

Apparently I am not feeling Hexmas this year. The kids haven't been to Santa yet (Friday? Maybe Saturday, which will be insanity, but whatever), I only just started my baking, I'm not finished shopping, there's no Hexmas cards this year.... *sigh* I did manage to get the Hexmas music cued up on the iPod last week.

I have a ton of sewing commissions to finish too. Not just diapers, but other stuff too. I'm wondering if I shouldn't be upping my Vitamin D and other happy making supplements to combat those winter blues, since they seem to be settling in early this year.

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