28 October 2012

Recycling Excitement

The shame of living in a small city in central British Columbia is the ass-tastic lack of recycling options. Our local regional district offers paper, cardboard and metal can recycling, but not glass, and not plastic. Since everything in the universe is made of plastic, it really wasn't reducing our footprint.

I thought I'd struck gold when I found a private curbside recycling place. But dude wanted to put me on a waitlist! So that kind of sucked. What also sucked was that he never phoned me back about anything. Jerk.

Eventually, through Facebook, I noticed a friend of a friend talking about her private recycling guy. And I did a few hours of research (seriously, dude was hard to find) and tracked the guy down. So now, for just less than 12 bucks a month, we have a guy come and take away our recyclables, including glass and plastic. YAY.

We had the smallest can the city gave us anyhow because we're pretty good composters, and have been pretty diligent about the cardboard. But now? We have 1 Glad Kitchen-Catcher a week! Manthing's attacked the project with an unnerving zeal, and even the munchkin is getting in on the act.

I feel like we're actually making a difference. And then, next year, when we go even more hardcore and relocate the compost to somewhere closer, I'll be feeling even more excited about it all.

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