31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Not much to say here tonight - my little girl went out as little red riding hood tonight and scored a dining room table's worth of loot.

I stayed home, where it was warm, and gave out treats. Despite the fact that we live in the city, we only got 14 kids. That was, however, double what we've ever had before. I totally credit the decorations.

So here's what the house looked like to trick or treaters tonight. And yes, that is about a foot of snow. I know I've mentioned I live in Canada before, so this should be no surprise, what with the 9 foot wall of snow at the 49th parallel and all.

The graveyard Greg put out when he got home from work tonight.

The overall look. The white blobs along the driveway are ghosty lights. They were a clearance bargain at Canadian Tire last week!

Family Pumpkins. Mine is the one on the left. Miss F's is the one in the middle, and Greg's is the wee terrified looking one on the right. Greg's was grown in our garden!

Interior of the house. Just for us to enjoy :)

The desk at the top of the stairs.

The dining room window. Yes. I painted that.

The living room window. I painted this one too.

So that's Halloween. Something funny: The playlist I put together, and started when we got home this afternoon? It finished as I started washing the windows.

In other news, I am trying to figure out if I need a root canal. I have this broken tooth. And I was a lazy slacker about going and getting it looked at, initially because we had no dental coverage, but then just because I was a slacker. So it started to hurt a lot. I went to the dentist this week and they took x-rays and there was this HUGE crater in my tooth. The dentist said they might need to do a root canal, but in the meantime, he was putting a medicated filling in and hopefully that would work. I still am having pain, but I'm wondering if it's just typical 'just saw the dentist pain', or if it's this bad tooth of mine. Until then, I am able to eat and drink like a normal person again finally, so am happily chugging water and taking ibuprophen to make the pain stop. 

More tomorrow after I dig myself out from under the Halloween stuff that needs to be put away.

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