24 May 2012

Time Flies

We've had a bad run of gastro the last couple of weeks at our house. First it was Girlchild, then it was me. Then it was Girlchild, again, and then me again. So recovery has been slow.

To top it all off, today I inadvertently gave myself food poisoning. I've been making refrigerator oatmeal for breakfast for the last couple of months, and on Sunday I made my weekly batch up. So delicious.

Anyhow, yesterday Girlchild asked me for a glass of milk. I opened the jug and PEEE-YOOO! It was off. I didn't think about it again, and out it went (well, down the sink it went). This morning I was yumming down my oatmeal and on the last bite I recalled the nasty milk from yesterday. The same milk that had made my oatmeal. I immediately felt my gag reflex kick in, but for whatever reason, I swallowed the last bite (probably thinking 'well, I'm screwed anyhow').

I was fine until shortly after lunch. My stomach was churny, but not really angry. After lunch? Not so much. I know that's probably oversharing, but I am a nurse, and well, bodily functions are just biology after all.

Anyhow, I had an ice cream date with a friend, so I soldiered on because other than the occasional cramping, I was really okay. The ice cream was magic. It's like it went in, and took the bad milk and gave it a talking to. Now I'm back to just plain churny, but also starving hungry.

Did I mention I need to drive 600km tomorrow? After work? Yay?

Anyhow, it's been a bit unfortunate that we've been waylaid by intestinal indiscretions so early in the blog. I will make up for it next week, when I am back from the coast.

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